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Recalibrate the path that you’re on

Embark on your Healing Journey

My goal is to meet you where you are and work with you, to eliminate the dis-ease that is holding you back from an abundant and joyful life.

As a highly experienced holistic practitioner, I have helped countless patients in healing and recovering from autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. As well as balancing hormones, reducing and eliminating pain such as migraines or neuropathic pain, liver and GI detoxification, optimizing digestion, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, eliminating anxiety and depression…… I also have years of experience helping patients to overcome cancer – whether it’s as a complementary treatment or an entirely holistic approach.


I strive to understand each patient’s unique health situation in order to create the most efficacious treatments.

I enjoy working with people at all stages of their lives – from infants to children to adults as well as older, wiser humans.

I would also love to work with and help your animals achieve their best health. These beautiful four-legged companions of ours deserve the same health focus that we seek for ourselves. We can do so much better than what the current paradigm provides for them. With poor nutrition and over-medicalization, their lifespan has been appallingly reduced from decades ago.



Homeopathy is the use of minute doses of natural substances to stimulate our self-healing capacities. This is one of the most gentle yet powerful and deeply effective forms of medicine.


Herbs are used to support and improve organ and endocrine function, to balance hormones and the immune system, and to treat any acute conditions such as allergies and asthma. Herbs can be taken as a tincture (liquid extract), tea, encapsulated, as food, or topically as a salve or poultice.


Crystal ‘acupuncture’ is the placing of specific crystals/stones on acupuncture points. There is no penetration of the skin, which makes this an ideal treatment for someone who has a strong aversion to needles


Approaching health through diet is one of the most impactful and deeply acting modalities. Diet influences gut health, overall organ and systemic functioning, immune health – and much more. Dietary changes are used to improve general well-being, maximize nutritional status, treat specific health conditions, or detoxify the body.


Health centres around both your body and mind: most dis-ease can be traced back to or rooted in mental/emotional dysfunction. This is a very important aspect of your appointments: I need to understand what brought you to your current state of health, from the perspective of your physical history, as well as your emotional experiences. My goal is to help you recognize those patterns that have contributed to your current state of health, and then assist you in changing these patterns or responses.

About Pascaline

I remember experiencing an epiphany in my mid-teens, while pondering which career path to take: I realized the best choice was to do what I’m passionate about. Back then, it was cooking. At that time I was one of only a handful of female chefs in Toronto, and I loved what I was doing. But I also knew that there was another, more fulfilling career, around the corner.

Becoming very ill after a lengthy trip through Africa finally brought me to see a Naturopathic doctor. That experience – building back my strength and health – guided me along a path of natural healing and the joy of bringing this experience to others.
I have a special focus in homeopathy, and over the years I have developed new remedies when a needed remedy does not yet exist.

Since 2017 I have written biweekly health-based articles for the National Post’s regional papers – because reaching as many people as possible to educate them around foods, environmental toxins and our body’s innate ability to heal is something that I have always been very passionate about.  


With over 20 years practicing as a naturopath, it has been time for another transition. While remaining within the healing professions, I have retired my naturopathic license, in order to move beyond a naturopathic paradigm and open up new avenues in terms of how I practice and what I offer you on your healing journey.


  • Honours Bachelor of Science 1996 (University of Toronto)
  • Advanced Reiki Training 1999 (Healing Fire)
  • Diploma Naturopathic Medicine 2000 (CCNM)
  • Toronto School of TCM 1998 – 2001 (in-depth study of traditional Chinese herbology, acupuncture and theory)
  • Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC) 2010 (Louis Klein)
  • Crystal Acupuncture 2022 – 23 (Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine)

Client Feedback
I can’t thank Pascaline enough

“I have been going to Pascaline for over two years and in such a short time she has made such an enormously positive impact in my life. I can’t imagine where I’d be without her help. 

I had a mix of chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety, and other issues that I had just accepted as a normal part of life because that’s all I had ever known. Pascaline was able to identify some of the major underlying causes, the biggest being food intolerances and gut health. She patiently took the time to get to know me and all aspects of my life, physical, mental and spiritual, and created a personalized treatment plan that she gradually introduced to me as I implemented her recommendations into my lifestyle. 

As long as I take her advice, the majority of my issues decrease significantly. She’s also completely real and you can tell she chose this career because she genuinely wants to help people. That’s very hard to find and I feel fortunate to have found her. 

I can’t thank Pascaline enough for all she has done for me these past couple of years. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good and I’ve been able to achieve so much more because of her.” 
Michelle Di Berardinis

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do home visits?
  • I will offer in-home visits for patients with physical barriers who are unable to make it to the office. Fees are based on the standard rates. An additional $50 travel fee will apply.
Do you do virtual consultations?
  • Depending on the individual case, phone or Skype consultations may be acceptable for follow-up visits. Fees are assessed according to the standard rates (what I would charge for an in-person appointment).
What should I expect at my first appointment?
  • Your first visit is 1 ½ to 2 hours for an adult and 1 to 1 ½ hours for a child. I will take you through a detailed history and a screening physical exam. The goal in this visit is to go beyond the obvious signs and symptoms that you are experiencing to understanding the true nature of your concerns – the root cause. The source of your pain is not always the cause of your pain. I will ask questions about your general heath – both physical and mental/emotional. This is part of the way I gather information to better understand your health concerns. I find out about your past to see what effect it is having on your present state. At the end of your first visit I will offer some preliminary recommendations, such as dietary modifications, vitamin or herbal supplements. Between your initial and follow-up appointment, I am doing research and often finding a homeopathic remedy for you. Considerable thought and work go into developing an individualized treatment plan that takes into account the whole picture of your health.
Are your services covered by insurance?
  • Since retiring my naturopathic license my services are no longer covered by healthcare benefits (insurance through your workplace).
I can’t afford to see you – do you have a payment plan?

My services are available to anyone who wants to work on their health. I do not provide pro bono work (most people do not value free stuff), however, I do offer a sliding scale to students (without health benefits), the elderly, and those who are under-employed or unemployed. This I offer on an individual basis after discussing your situation with you and what you are able to afford.


    • You will notice that I charge less at my Picton office. That is simply a reflection of urban dwellers earning higher incomes than people working in rural areas.

      I realize there are many exceptions on both sides – especially with so many urban dwellers now living in the county and working remotely. However, I also need to scale my fees relative to what other practitioners are charging. 

      *currently – these fees include HST.

      FEES for TORONTO OFFICE as of 1 Aug 2023:

      Initial appointment (75-90 minutes) – $220
      Follow-up (30 min’s) – $100

      Initial appointment (~2 hrs) – $300
      60 minutes or acupuncture treatment – $180
      45 minutes – $150
      30 minutes – $100
      15 minutes – $60

      FEES for PICTON OFFICE as of 1 Aug 2023:

      Initial appointment – $190
      Follow-up – $90

      Initial appointment (~ 2 hrs) – $260
      60 minutes – $170
      45 minutes – $130
      30 minutes – $90
      15 minutes – $50


    Panacea Holistic Health


    1245 Danforth ave – ste 209   Toronto  ON  M4J 5B5


    +1 647-519-7906


    Fridays and Saturdays
    9 – 6pm

    • By Subway
      Take the Danforth line to Greenwood station. Riverdale Homeopathy is on the south side of Danforth, two block east of Greenwood.
    • Parking
      Street parking is available. As well as a parking lot behind the building.
    • The Office
      Located inside Riverdale Homeopathy at 1245 Danforth Avenue. Entrance is at the east side of the building –  beneath the black awning – one block east of Greenwood, on the 2nd floor – Suite 209.

    Panacea Holistic Health


    17 East Mary street Picton, ON, K0K 2T0


    +1 613-476-5918
    +1 647-519-7906


    Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    9 – 6pm

    • In the heart of Picton, just down from Main street – the first street off of Bridge street. There is a parking pad beside the clinic as well as street parking along the north side of East Mary. The clinic entrance is the rear porch door, into the kitchen (aka the waiting room).